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Solutions Not Sides aims to tackle Antisemitism, Islamophobia and polarisation around the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the UK.The non-partisan programme has been formulated with the input of both Israelis and Palestinians as well as senior members of Jewish and Muslim communities.

Workshops are suitable for students Year 9-13 studying humanities, citizenship and social science subjects. Solutions not Sides  can work with any group size or over a number of sessions.. 

The workshops are 1-hour for each part:
Part 1: Student preparation (can be done as homework or as a teacher-led preparatory session)
Part 2: Live classroom session with Israeli and Palestinian speakers, facilitated by an SNS staff member
Optional Part 3: Solutions project (can be done as an extension of Part 2, or an SNS-led online session with the same Israeli and Palestinian speakers on another date)

In these workshops, the complexity of the conflict is confronted in a safe space, humanisation of Israelis and Palestinians occurs through meeting moderate young Israeli and Palestinian peace activists, an understanding of both sides' narratives is realised and a win-win approach to activism in order to achieve peace is promoted.

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They have also developed the following resources:
Handbook for teachers/community leaders supporting young people in the UK who are affected by this issue

Guide to avoiding antisemitic and Islamophobic hate speech when talking about Israel-Palestine

Schools are asked to make a donation towards the work of Solutions not Sides.


Published: 18/05/2021
Audience: Secondary Headteachers, Curriculum Leads, PSHE / History Leads
Contact: Geraldine Cooper

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