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An offer for years 9-11 with an interest in the construction industry

Overview of offer


Building Futures Together links school curriculum to careers (predominantly but not exclusively in the construction industry) helping capacity-limited teachers feel less overwhelmed and more in control. The practical initiatives combine Maths, English and other important subjects in problem-solving scenarios that engage participants. We want to support children and young people towards a positive alternative. Building Futures Together will focus on utilising our in-situ internal apprenticeship academy at G&H group of companies to provide opportunities for disadvantaged children and young people, enabling them to access practical sessions, giving them realistic hands-on learning and experience of the trades. We intend to change lives through construction, helping young people increase self-esteem, improve ambitions, reduce isolation and exclusion. We encourage attendance at school with our sessions built around improving literacy and maths. We want young people to grow in confidence, increase self-awareness, understand empathy, whilst further encouraging positive communication, decision-making and problem-solving.


We offer opportunities to young people in school years 9, 10 and 11. The practical initiatives combine problem-solving hands-on practical scenarios enhancing Maths, English and other important subjects that engage participants. We want to support and develop children and young people who are confused or do not know about careers after school. We want to educate and encourage children and young people from the dangers of becoming involved in crime, anti-social behaviour or being exploited because they fear no positive alternative. We collaborate with schools to develop Gatsby benchmarks, addressing the needs of each young person, linking curriculum learning to careers, increasing vocational aspirations and changing lives through construction and the trades. We want to reduce isolation and exclusion, improve engagement and attendance at school, thus creating confident young people who see the construction industry as a positive alternative.


Darren Hamer and John Thornton are your points of contact if you wish to learn more. Darren has a vast knowledge of industry and construction in particular. John worked as a police officer and most of his 16-year service was in Bradford district, also based (as a police officer) at HMP Leeds, HMP Wealstun and HMP YOI Wetherby so their shared passion is to help young people find a meaningful career.



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Published: 12/05/2021
Audience: year 9, year 10, year 11, secondary, teachers, SLT, curriculum leads, construction
Contact: Dale Hunter

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