Bradford the Game – for Bradford 2025 bid

To be completed by: Tue 11 May 2021

Time: -Tue 11 May 2021 | Venue:

For all those 11-18 year olds in Bradford…

We have been awarded funding to make a game about a future Bradford as designed by local teenagers. So if you are or know someone 11-18yrs who wants to help create an awesome platform game based on Bradford, get in contact by helping complete the PHASES (See below)

If you want to contact us about the project please email



For all you budding designers a chance to show off your skills and flair. For our game we need 8 or so heroes representing different cultures across Bradford. Also we are looking for what could areas look like in the future?

Download and print a worksheet or request a set to be posted to you contact us

Or just draw your image and WhatsApp to 07952228797 or email

charactersv2 A4 PDFDownload

charactersv2 A4 PNGDownload


Calling all you games makers to help build the levels for different stages of the game using our easy online level maker.

How to use the level maker


May 2021

Calling you gamers come and test the levels rate them and test out the characters in the game.

BONUS TASK – Make some music, deadline 17th May.

Watch the video below

How to make some music for the game

May 2021

Calling everyone come and play!


Published: 11/05/2021
Audience: secondary school, students, gamers, game designers, IT, digital
Contact: Dale Hunter

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