Untold Stories - Bradford 2025 Primary School's Art Project

To be completed by: Mon 24 May 2021

Time: -Mon 24 May 2021 | Venue:

Opportunity for school's to be involved with a district wide collaborative art project designed in partnership with children from Feversham Primary School and the Bradford 2025 City of Culture Bid.


We would like to invite you to be part of an art project designed by Feversham Primary School and the Bradford 2025 City of Culture bid. The project involves individual children from Bradford’s primary schools making a square of artwork telling their “Hidden Story”.

These will be collected to be made into a patchwork quilt, that collects all these individual pictures, stories & expressions into a central artwork.

The finished piece will make a giant quilt that will become part of a touring exhibition so school’s can represent, share and celebrate the hidden stories of their peers from across the region.

We would like you to choose a group of children to engage with the project – a year group, a class or a smaller, targeted group.

Here is a link to instructions to use with the group both as a PDF and a video - created by the children from Feversham Primary School




Unfortunately we cannot supply materials for schools to use but the project has been designed in a way to be adaptable to resources that may be available and to use up materials left from other projects.

Schools should find a time that suits them, either a one off or a series of sessions to complete the artwork, but we would respectfully request that the patches to be completed no later than the week commencing 24/05/2021.

Anyone looking to be involved please contact us at;









Published: 27/04/2021
Audience: Headteacher, office, art coordinator, PSHCE coordinator,
Contact: Dominic Sheard / Dipak Mistry

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