Introduction to Prevent in Nurseries and Early Years Settings - 6 May 2021

To be completed by: Wed 05 May 2021

Time: -Wed 05 May 2021 | Venue:

This virtual training will dispel the myths about the Prevent Duty in the context of safeguarding. Materials will be specific to early years settings and help staff to recognise vulnerability and signs of radicalisation and to know how to take appropriate action when a concern is raised.

Topics covered will include:

  •  the aims of the Prevent strategy and the responsibilities of education settings within the duty and the current risks in our society and region,
  •  the current level of threat and risk from extremist groups,
  •  why and how extremist groups and individuals seek to radicalise others,
  •  how to identify those who may be vulnerable to terrorism and the actions that can be taken to protect them,
  •  what help and support looks like within the Bradford District.

At the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • recognise those who are vulnerable to radicalisation
  • recognise signs of radicalisation and how to respond
  • know how to report a Prevent concern in a timely and appropriate manner

The training is run by the City of Bradford MDC Prevent Team and is free of charge.

Duration:    13 30 - 15 00

Booking is via Eventbrite - link

Bookings can only be accepted from organisational email adresses.


Published: 26/04/2021
Audience: Staff in Nurseries and Early Years settings
Contact: Geraldine Cooper

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