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The Exclusions Team is now part of SEND Integrated Assessment and Psychology Service managed by Dr Niall Devlin. It has recently been expanded and reconfigured with a Senior Exclusion Officer and two new exclusions officers in post.

The team is committed to collaborative working to support the inclusion of children and young people and preventing exclusion from school. We aim to achieve this through multi-agency partnerships, using findings from data and evidence based approaches.

The Exclusion Team has the following responsibilities:

  • Ensure that the Local Authority’s statutory responsibilities relating to exclusion are met
  • Gives advice to schools, parents and carers and other professionals on statutory and non-statutory exclusion processes
  • Maintains an exclusions helpline 5 days per week
  • Provides statistical information to the DfE
  • Offers training to Governors and school staff on their statutory responsibilities connected to school exclusion
  • Offers advice to support schools in the use of alternatives to exclusion, such as a managed move, Pastoral Support Plan (PSP), phased reintegration and referrals to other supporting services
  • Reviews both fixed period and permanent exclusions
  • Advises and guides governors on all aspects of exclusion law
  • Attends permanent and over 15 days exclusion Governing Board Meetings in maintained schools and where invited for Academy schools, as appropriate
  • Attends Independent Review Panel Hearings

We thank our schools for their continuing support in working alongside the team and other services in avoiding exclusions where possible. Where this has not been possible please use the team email for all the permanent exclusion notifications on day 1 of this exclusion decision; pro-forma’s can be found on Bradford Schools Online -

We continue to develop our reporting systems, only permanent exclusions need to notified to the team directly, and for any fixed term exclusion that would mean a pupil misses a public exam or national curriculum test. For all those over 5 days in a term we will collect via our reporting systems and make contact with schools as required.

Contact details for the Exclusion Team:

Karen Roper            Senior Exclusions Officer   01274 439333

Paul Jennings          Exclusions Officer               01274 432446

Samantha Griffiths   Exclusions Officer              01274 435239


Published: 25/03/2021
Audience: School colleagues who deal with school exclusions
Contact: Karen Roper

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