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The Department for Education (DfE) have announced the additional 81 teaching school hubs in addition to the six 'test and learn' hubs, including Bradford Teaching School Hub. The new hub model will replace the DfE's current teaching school programme in September 2021. Bradford's hub is operational

Schoool improvement, particulalry in relation to teacher and leader development, is experiencing significant reform. There is a risk that these changes will go under the radar as schools focus on tackling the challenges of Covid-19. Bradford Teaching School Hub is led by Copthorne Primary School and the hub's delivery model is commits to maintaining partnership working with schools, trusts and providers in the region plus Bradford Council.

Below are key resources teachers and leaders will find helpful in keeping up to date:

  • Portal: an easy to use online resource to help schools and trusts to identify support available to them
  • App: a condensed version of the portal that runs on your mobile device
  • News: updates relevant to all phases and types of school
  • Teacher Development Network: find out about the reforms
  • Position Startement: explore Bradford Teaching School Hubs vision, where it fits in national policy, and its priorities for 2020-21
  • Weekly newsletter: this is a vital means of communicating with the school and trust workforce, from trainee teachers to executive leaders. Please register today

Other resources:


Published: 11/02/2021
Audience: All teachers and leaders
Contact: Paul Butler

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