SNAP Survey for Nursery information

To be completed by: Thu 14 Jan 2021

Time: -Thu 14 Jan 2021 | Venue:

All schools have been asked to complete the revised educational setting status form which has been requested by the DfE.

However, the information requested by the DfE does not allow us as a Local Authority to measure the availability of Early Years provision at primary and nursery schools across the District.

We are therefore requesting that you take a few minutes complete the survey below to inform us of the following:

  • The ‘open/closed’ status of your nursery in the last week
  • The number of pupils on roll; of these
  • How many are classed as a vulnerable child?
  • How many are children of critical workers?
  • The number of pupils who attended last week; of these
    • How many are classed as a vulnerable child
    • How many are children of critical workers?
    • General reasons for absence for those not attending
  • General reasons for absense for those not attending


This initial survey will allow us to assess the availability or Early Years provision in week commencing 4 January, and require a response by Thursday 14 January.

A further survey to collect this information for week commencing 11 January will be sent on Friday 15 January, with a response required by Tuesday 19 January.

We appreciate your assistance in gathering this vital information.



Published: 12/01/2021
Audience: Nursery Schools and Primary Schools with a Nursery Class; Headteachers, Deputy Heads, Business Manag
Contact: Fiona Binns

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