Year 2 Phonics Screening Check November/December 2020

To be completed by: Wed 16 Dec 2020

Time: -Wed 16 Dec 2020 | Venue:

Due to Covid-19 an additional phonics screening check – only for pupils who were unable to take the Year 1 check in summer 2020 - has been added by the STA and is to take place in November/December 2020.

As you will be aware, this check is intended to determine which Year 2 pupils will need to undertake the usual check in June 2021.

Only current Year 2 pupils should take the check in November/December. Any pupil who does not pass will be required to retake the screening check in June of Year 2 as would be expected in a normal year.  Year 1 pupils should not take the check until June 2021.

The phonics screening check should be administered during November/December 2020. The results of the Year 2 check must be submitted to the LA by the end of the autumn term.


Schools are able to use phonics checks from any of the last three years which can be downloaded from here. The selected year should be a check which pupils are unfamiliar with, but if pupils have already seen all of those years the check used should be the one they are least familiar. The threshold mark for any of these checks is published with the materials at the same location.

To comply with the DfE requirements, the additional Year 2 Phonics Screening check should be uploaded to S2S by noon on Wednesday 16th December 2020.

Phonics data for the Y2 checks must be submitted to the Local Authority through School to School, which can be accessed via the DfE Sign-in. If you have any issues with login, please contact the DfE .

DfE guidance for the check is available by clicking this link

Data Collection




2/11/2020 – 18/12/2020

The school has to test every child on their roll in year 2 between  the period of  2 November 2020 and the end of term.

1/12/2020 – 16/12/2020

Your data MUST be submitted to the IMT between 1 December and 16 December 2020.

Having received your data by the final submission date of 16 December 2020, IMT will process the data and report it back to you via Perspective Lite for you to verify that the data to be submitted to the DfE is aligned with your schools own records. Files received after the deadline date of 16 December 2020 will be processed however it cannot be guaranteed that the data will be verified with the school prior to it being submitted to the DfE .


Data made available to schools via Perspective Lite.

16/12/2020 – 18/12/2020

To validate the submitted data schools need to view Perspective Lite from 16 December to 18 December to check that this matches the data in the schools management information system. If the data on Perspective Lite is different to the data in your MIS there is likely to be a problem with your submission and you will need to contact IMT urgently.


Entering your data to SIMS

Information and guidance regarding entering your data into SIMS will be available to subscribing schools on BSO.

Submitting your assessment data

Once you have entered your data it requires submitting to the IMT via your SIMS system.

To submit your data do the following:

  • Ensure you are using the most recent SIMS software, Version 7.196
  • Export your results as a CTF file
  • SIMS will automatically name the file as per the return below:



Via S2S

Year 2 Phonics


Create CTF

Where **** is your school DfE number

? will be automatically generated when the CTF is created

  • Locate the CTF file
  • Upload your file via the School to School (S2S) facility in DfE Signin.

It is important to note that the pupils and their results submitted in your file will be taken as final. The IMT process your file using DfE software. This software will identify any issues with results that cannot be accepted by the DfE but it will not identify any issues with regards to the pupils submitted or the number of pupils submitted. It is therefore vital that when submitting your data, you are satisfied it is correct and the Headteacher has authorised it’s release. Submitting your file to the DfE Signin website is taken as authorisation from the school that the pupils and their results included are correct.

Note: All Statutory returns should be from SIMS Assessment software. Please contact your SIMS support provider for technical guidance and assistance.

If SIMS Assessment software is not used for these returns please contact your Software Provider for technical guidance and assistance.

What happens to your data once it has been submitted?

The IMT will:

  • Collect your file from S2S and check it is in the correct file format
  • Check the data in your file against the data quality standards required of Local Authorities by the DfE
  • Contact you if any issues are identified to discuss any necessary amendments

The school / setting is expected to:

  • Check Perspective Lite to ensure that the submitted data aligns with the data held in the schools / setting MIS.
  • Advise the LA immediately if any amendments are required.
  • Re-check Perspective Lite where agreed amendments have been made with LA Officers.

Where changes are agreed you will be asked to make the amendments in your SIMS system and resubmit the amended file via S2S. This ensures the assessments at your school are consistent with those submitted by the IMT to the DfE .



Published: 23/11/2020
Audience: Audience: Headteachers, Teachers, Administrators, Business Managers, Data Managers, Assessment Staff
Contact: Rebecca Troth

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