All Aboard - COVID recovery programme for Children in the Early Years

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Ofsted (November 2020) report concerns relating to PSE and Language development for children in the Early Years as a result of lockdown. This particularly effects children with SEND and those living in poverty. All Aboard is an effective COVID recovery programme for Children in the Early Years .

All Aboard - COVID recovery for Children in the Early Years

Bradford Educational Psychology Team is again offering the popular All Aboard training - this year with additional COVID perspectives.

The intervention specifically targets under-achieving children in the Early Years, aiming to improve outcomes, so is ideal for children who have been disadvantaged by COVID.

By the end of the 4 part course you will have:

  • Explored the nature of under-achievement in the Early Years including the impact of COVID;
  • Used the All Aboard structure to plan a tailor-made intervention programme;
  • Delivered All Aboard in your setting; and
  • Evaluated the impact of All Aboard.

The first cohort will start in early January 2021.

Priced at £300 for two practitioners the course is a cost-effective, catch-up intervention for COVID recovery in the Foundation Stage.

Data will be collected and analysed by the Centre for Applied Education Research to demonstrate progress made by children involved in the programme.

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Published: 13/11/2020
Audience: Sencos / EY Leads
Contact: Ruth Dennis

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