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Exemplary Leadership – a Consortium with Leverage Leadership Institute

Star Institute are excited to share news of the launch of one of two new, fully-funded Exemplary Leadership Programme pilots. This ground-breaking and innovative programme will be delivered by a consortium of high-performing UK schools alongside leading US leadership development provider, the Leverage Leadership Institute. Following the principles of Leverage Leadership, the Exemplary Leadership Programme will guide school leaders in how to establish a strong school culture (routines and behaviour management), effective teaching founded on direct instruction, and aspirational outcomes for pupils through a knowledge-rich curriculum.

The programme will include live training delivered direct from experts at the Leverage Leadership Institute, virtual school visits which will allow you to see outstanding practice through the eye of an exemplary leader and to work with expert guidance to plan and implement the training in your own school.


  • Two participants from each school (the headteacher and one other senior leader) will access the training, fully funded by the DfE for the first cohort of the programme.
  • The school will identify their school priorities relating to the programme principles and will be supported to plan and implement changes through each of the programme cycles.
  • The entire programme will be delivered online in three learning sets, each one include two half days of training from Leverage Leadership, a virtual school visit and a workshop.

You can express interest in the programme now by visiting: 


Applications close on 9 October

Email info@starinstitute.org.uk with any questions.




Published: 07/10/2020
Audience: Schools Leaders
Contact: Star Institute

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