Bradford Libraries Rhyme Challenge September 2020 - March 2021

To be completed by: Wed 23 Sep 2020

Time: -Wed 23 Sep 2020 | Venue:

Have you ordered your Rhyme Challenge pack this year? Are you ready to take the challenge? Did you know that rhymes help with: language & literacy, spelling, communication, confidence, social bonding, knowledge of concepts, imagination, reading, school readiness and emotional wellbeing.

Calling all staff working with children 0 - 6 years!!

Great rhymers make great readers and the Rhyme Challenge is an excellent way for children and parents to take part in an informal learning opportunity whilst having lots of fun too. All they have to do is learn the five nursery rhymes in the pack. It is suitable for pre-school, nursery and reception age children.

How you do the challenge is up to you - if you are able to teach the rhymes to children and parents socially distanced together that's great but current restrictions may mean that the best option would be to teach the children in school and then ask the parents to learn a different rhyme each week in their own homes - the children will probably teach the parents!!

Whichever you choose it is important that families complete the feedback sheets in the pack at the end of the challenge as we need these to secure future funding.

Each pack contains full instructions and enough resources for 30 families, including rhyme sheets and completion certificates. It is fine to photocopy any part of the pack if you need more sheets, or if you have a lot of families please ask for an extra pack.

We shall be sending out packs on a first come first served basis - so if your setting would like to do the challenge, please get in touch as soon as possible. 

Finally, during July we hope to hold an Awards Ceremony for those settings that have gone the extra mile – so don’t forget to self nominate before the end April 2021 (details on the pack).

If you have any queries please get in touch.



Published: 23/09/2020
Audience: Literacy Co-ordinators, Parental Involvement Workers, Headteacher, Teachers, Nursery Class Teacher,
Contact: Susan BrewsterCraig

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