Re-opening a pool after Covid-19 shutdown

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Please find all the information and contacts you need to know if you are considering re-opening your pool after Covid-19 shutdown.

Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) Technical Note 45 - These instructions assume that you have shut your pool by reducing circulation or stopping circulation (PWTAG Technical Note 43). For further information regarding Pool Treatment please visit the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group website


Note: When reopening your pool and the other water systems in your facility you should first carry out a risk assessment of the process in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act and associated legislation.


Disinfecting Coronavirus

Those responsible for public buildings and other spaces need to know how to disinfect areas which may have been used by people carrying the coronavirus responsible for the current Covid-19 pandemic. PWAG Technical Note 44 draws on information from a number of sources, to give clear guidelines for disinfection methodology, in the context of an understanding of this novel virus.


Swim England

Returning to the Pool, Guidance for Operators  provides guidance on reducing the risk of Covid-19 transmission within the swimming pool environment.


For further advice please contact Swimming Pool Works Officer



Published: 18/09/2020
Audience: Pool Officers and H&S Representatives

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