DfE COVID-19 Prevent Guidance For Schools and Further Education Providers

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This is a briefing note for senior leaders, teachers and safeguarding leads at schools and further education providers on how extremists are using COVID-19 to promote disinformation, misinformation and conspiracy theories.

This non-statutory advice from the Department for Education has been produced to provide a short summary of the extremist response to COVID-19, highlighting the additional radicalisation risks for children and young people and suggested actions for settings to take.

if you require further information or training for staff or students on these isssues please contact:

Geraldine Cooper
Prevent Education Officer  (Acting)

Danielle King
Prevent Education Officer / Prevent Co-ordinator (Acting)



Published: 14/09/2020
Audience: School Leaders, teachers, safeguarding leaders
Contact: Geraldine Cooper

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