Consultation on the Scheme for Financing Schools

To be completed by: Mon 07 Sep 2020

Time: -Mon 07 Sep 2020 | Venue:

The Authority is proposing some amendments to the Scheme for Financing Schools. These were presented to the Schools Forum on 8 July and the Forum has approved a consultation with maintained schools as required by the Financial Regulations.

Further details of the consultation can be viewed here (please see the news note dated 8 July).

The amendments proposed are mostly minor and are not material. The main amendment is the inclusion of a provision for the the DfE 's Risk Protection Arrangement, which is now required by the DfE to be inserted into our Scheme. If you have any comments or feedback on these amendments please contact Andrew Redding The deadline for any responses is Monday 7 September 2020.


Published: 08/07/2020
Audience: Headteachers, Governors and Business Managers iof maintained schools
Contact: Andrew Redding

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