Update on Paid School Meals

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Following recent Government/DfE guidance regarding the phased return of pupils into school, and as per the guidance emailed to schools by Children’s Services on Wed 2 June, FM have returned (effective from Mon 8 June) to the normal recording of pupil meals into one of the following categories:

  • Free School Meals
  • Paid School Meals

The default position is that FM will expect pupils that are having Paid School Meals to make the normal payment for the meals they consume.

If however, an individual school chooses to instruct FM not to charge pupils for Paid School Meals, the school will need to confirm that they wish to be recharged for the Paid School Meals provided. The school will also need to state how long they wish this recharge arrangement to be in place. 


The guidance issued by Children’s Services mentioned above, is attached for your convenience.


Published: 11/06/2020
Audience: Head Teachers and School Business Managers
Contact: Paul Charity

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