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Staff Wellbeing pack available to help staff and their families deal with the current challenges we are facing with Covid 19.

We cannot underestimate the impact that the current situation is having/will have on staff in schools who are currently providing childcare to the children of key workers and the vulnerable children within our communities. 

Tamara Emery - a solution focussed hypnotherapist has produced a staff wellbeing pack which includes a wide range of resources including:-

A relaxation download to help with sleep, anxiety and stress

Relaxation & Positivity techniques

Information about how the brain works and why we feel and react in the way that we do

Coping with Self-Isolation

Sleeping solutions

Help with how to improve mood and increase your ability to cope

Checklists & Toolboxes around anxiety and stress

and much more

This is provided in electronic format, but can be printed out if required. 

The cost of the pack is £500 per school, however if 10 schools sign up the cost reduces to £400 and if 20 schools or more sign up this reduces further to £350. This is available to every member of staff, irrespective of the number of staff members.   (Special discounts are also available for any MATs wanting to sign up for all of their schools)

If you require any further information or are interested in purchasing the pack, please contact Julie Hanson in the first instance at Please include your telephone contact details if you would like to discuss this further and she will get in touch. 

If you require further information on the work that Tamara does please go to  



Published: 03/04/2020
Audience: Headteachers, Senior Leaders, Finance Staff , HR staff
Contact: Julie Hanson

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