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Thank you to all those SENDCos who completed the recent questionnaire – the online version and the paper one at the last SENDCo Network meeting.

We gathered some invaluable feedback and it highlighted clearly your training needs going forward. The following emerged as key themes:


  • You would like more training on the identification on need; planning for all learners and assessing their progress. We are going to provide training in these areas. Much of the training is currently provided by the Educational Psychology Team and in order to increase our capacity we are going to involve more the school improvement team and the specialist teaching service.


  • You would like the SENDCo network meetings to be more regular. We are considering holding them half-termly.


  • You would like an information website/portal for SENDCos. We currently have a SENDCo Network* area on Skills4Bradford which has great potential as a source of ideas and support but there are only 39 users at the moment. We will encourage greater awareness of this facility to post requests for help as well as share resources, ideas and news items.


*Go to Skills4Bradford

Log in or sign up for an account

Select ‘Communication’

On the orange banner, click the small arrow next to ‘Groups’

Select ‘Senco Network’


Thanks again for your feedback!


Published: 11/03/2020
Audience: SENDCos
Contact: SEND Transformation & Compliance Team

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