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Following a review of EHCP monitoring reviews the process has now been revised in order to support transition of young people with EHCP is at time of phase transition.

From now on, monitoring reviews will be carried out in order to support the transition of young people with EHCPs when they move from primary to secondary school or from secondary to tertiary education.

The process is currently being trialled and will involve children and young people who are currently in Y5 and Y10, who will be transitioning at the end of next academic year. This is to fit in with the tight timescales around annual review completion in Years 6 and 11.

The process will include an Assistant Educational Psychologist working with your Senco to revise and update the EHCP in preparation for the Y 6 /11 annual review. Please be aware that if there are significant changes you wish to make, there will need to be advice from external professionals to evidence this.

The reviewed document will form the basis of the annual review meeting and will ensure that plans are updated and returned to schools in a timely way.

Assistant Educational Psychologists will be contacting schools over the next few months to arrange the first of these revised monitoring reviews.
If you have any queries or questions about this please contact the Educational Psychology team: 01274 439444


Published: 24/01/2020
Audience: Special Needs Coordinators / Inclusion Managers
Contact: Ruth Dennis

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