Sleeping on vocabulary project

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On behalf of Karen Vaughan, Shanidar TSA would like to thank all schools that participated in the School Survey: Autism and Vocabulary Learning.

Sleeping on vocabulary project - now recruiting in Bradford schools


Do you have 6 or more children with ASD at your school aged 8-13? 
Would your school like to participate in some psychology research?
Want to explore how explicit vocabulary instruction impacts on learning and recall for children with and without autism at your school?
Have you wondered if quality of children's sleep impacts on learning?


This is an experimental design study to investigate how children aged 8— 13 years learn new vocabulary and what role sleep has on success for consolidation of learning.   In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in the role that sleep has in language development, in particular the consolidation of new vocabulary over time.   This pilot study involves teaching unfamiliar ‘tier 2’ words to small groups of typically developing and children with autism using explicit vocabulary instruction and then testing the learning after sleep at 1 day then 1 month later.   The vocabulary lessons are designed using key recommendations from the EEF guidance reports on literacy and feedback from the recent school survey completed by teachers.


To find out more, contact Karen Vaughan on

Project supervisor: Dr Lisa-Marie Henderson, University of York

Ethics approved: Unversity of York, Psychology Ethics ID 824



Published: 10/01/2020
Audience: Headteachers, SENCOs, SLT, Teachers
Contact: My Truong

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