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This course is delivered as part of the National Centre for Computing Education which offers bursary-supported face-to-face courses for primary teachers working in state-funded schools in England. One teacher from each school is eligible for a bursary to fund one course per academic year.

Programming and algorithms are fundamental to the primary computing curriculum. Algorithms are clear and unambiguous instructions to solve problems which can often be translated using a programming language for a computer to follow. By thinking computationally, children can harness the power of computers to extend their capabilities.

During this one-day professional development, you will discover engaging and effective ways to help children use computational thinking. You will be equipped to develop their knowledge of how technology works, and the skills to make computers follow instructions in simple programs. A range of approaches will be explored, including ‘unplugged’ activities that require no computer, and multimedia activities that allow creativity and promote widespread engagement.

The professional development will highlight the differences and commonalities across Key Stages 1 and 2, helping all primary teachers to plan for age-appropriate learning while developing an understanding of progression through computing.


You will be able to:

  • Discover a range of different teaching techniques that are supported by research, to improve how your school delivers lessons that use algorithms and programming.

  • Learn about debugging, sequence, repetition, selection and variable use and the common misconceptions that hinder pupil progress.

  • Come away with lots of resources that you can use to develop how teachers in your schools understand, plan and teach computing.

  • Understand what computational thinking is and how it affects teaching programming


PRIORITY SCHOOL Activity fee£35.00 +VAT Bursary available£220.00
ENGLISH MAINTAINED Activity fee£35.00 +VAT
OTHER Activity fee£220.00 +VAT


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Published: 17/12/2019
Audience: Primary School Computing Subject Leaders
Contact: Sarah Hawkins

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