Energy Heroes FREE programme opportunity for Year 5 pupils

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A free teacher’s resource project linked with the 2014 National Curriculum objectives bringing energy usage, problem solving and learning about sustainable behaviours into maths lessons.

The project is led by an advanced skilled teacher and an energy expert and consists of the following elements:

•  A twilight teacher training session for a  teacher and business manager/caretaker  to run through all aspects of the resources.

•  An ‘Energy Heroes’  whole school assembly to kick off the excitement for every pupil! (15 / 20 minutes)

•  An 'Energy Heroes' kick off lesson to begin the learning for the year 5 students.

•  A free Energy Audit’  undertaken  with some keen eco-detectives to find  5 top actions to help your school save energy.

•  Teaching resources for 5 further lessons (placed within the maths 2014 curriculum)

•  Home challenges for the children to embed their behaviour changes at home and teach their families to do the same, reducing energy costs

•  A community event pack to allow the students to share the learning

•  Resources to build your own school’s energy display board to help you reduce energy consumption by 10%

We also bring a bag of resources to help the energy heroes save energy in school and build a display board to help share energy information.

It’s a great opportunity for the school community to:

•  Understand that the energy bills are usually in excess of £20,000 and what makes them so high!

•  Understand that through simple behaviour change the carbon trust estimate that at least 10-15% bill reduction is achievable, so at least £2,000 that schools can save!

• Take the ‘energy saving’ message home, where pupils can help households make savings too, which can make a big difference when families are on expensive pre-payment meters or in fuel poverty.

Please take a look at our website to see photos of ‘Energy Heroes!’ in action in over 100 schools in the region so far.

The aim is for children to really understand energy, where it comes from, how we use it and ultimately how to save it. If you’d like to part of this free resource, please let me know and I can book your place for 2020.


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Published: 13/12/2019
Audience: Primary Teachers, Year 5 teachers, Head teachers
Contact: Sadeema Parvez

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