Consultation on proposal to reduce PAN at Bradford Forster Academy

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Statutory consultation on the proposed reduction in Published Admission Number (PAN) for Bradford Forster Academy from 210 to 180 for 2021/22 academic year

Background The current Published Admission Number (PAN) at Bradford Forster Academy is 210. This means that the number of children admitted to the academy in each year is a maximum of 210.

When planning secondary school places in Bradford, the District is split into 8 secondary school planning areas. Bradford Forster Academy sits in the Bradford South planning area. The building is restricted for space to enable us to deliver the quality of education and curriculum we think would be most beneficial for our students. It has been fine to date, as the academy has not been at full capacity until September 2019, however, now we are at reaching our full capacity we do not have sufficient spaces needed for teaching interventions, targeted lessons and to meet the needs of our students at social times. Coupled with the Local Authority’s projections that the population in the school area will decrease over the next few years, we feel rather than look to expand the physical capacity we would like to consult on a permanent PAN decrease of 30 pupils per year bringing year groups to 180.

This does not in any way impact on our requirement to build an Alternative Provision unit which would still be required. Timetable plan for 2020 when the academy is full with 1050 students. There is a significant lack of classroom space to be able to teach smaller classes, particularly in maths and English for Y10 and Y11, to be able to maximise student outcomes in these 2 key subjects, which will improve the life chances of our students.

At any one time, 46 classrooms will need to be used (but we only have 42 rooms that can be used for ‘traditional’ lessons, as others are specialist classrooms for subjects such as art, technology and food). This does not account for the academy’s desire to have smaller maths and English sets, to improve the life chances of our students and to improve outcomes in these two important subjects. Currently we would have 8 classes for 210 students (an average of 26 students per class).

A comparison with other secondary schools in the BDAT trust, shows the following: BVG has 10 classes for approximately 180 students (an average of 18 students per class). BBEC has 15 classes in maths and 14 classes in English for 243 students (an average of 17 and 16 students per class). Immanuel College has 14 classes for 230 students in Y11 (an average of 16 students per class) and 12 classes (an average of 19 students per class) in Y11. The current planned number of classes (that we would need due to the lack of classrooms) for Y10 and Y11 in maths and English would be 8 (an average of 26 students per class). With 180 students per year group, this would reduce to 22.5 students. This is still significantly less than the other three secondary schools within the Bradford Diocesan Academies Trust. BBEC’s and BFA’s cohorts have many more SEND students and low prior attaining students than BVG and Immanuel College. Owing to the current Year 11 not being full, we have 7 classes in a cohort of 133 students, an average of 19 students per class (in line with BBEC and BVG). These students are currently on track to gain good outcomes, as a result of these class sizes. In order to sustain and improve on these good outcomes, we will need to have more classes than the 8 per year group and it is common practice in secondary schools to reduce class sizes at KS4. A comparison between BFA and BBEC, the closest school to us in terms of context is: BFA BBEC % low prior attainers 21 15 % of students with SEND 19 19 % of students with an EHCP 4 2 % of students who benefit from the Pupil Premium 56 44 A comparison with BBEC regarding number of rooms BBEC currently have 1349 students in Y7-11 and 88 traditional classrooms (15 students per room on average). BFA when full on current PAN will have 1050 students in Y7-11 and 42 traditional classrooms (25 students per room on average). If we reduce the number of students to 900 in 42 traditional classrooms we will have an average of 21 students per class, which is more similar (although still a long way from) BBEC’s.

The school corridors and dining spaces are small so this reduction will ease congestion during lesson changeovers and at social times such as breaks and lunchtimes.

In 2020 -21, when the school will not benefit from the reduced numbers the SLT will consider temporary classrooms to accommodate the higher numbers of students. There is money in reserves to fund this. The School Admissions Code requires that all admission authorities consult where they propose to reduce a PAN. The Bradford Diocesan Academies Trust, is therefore seeking representations on the proposed change to the PAN for Bradford Forster Academy in the South West planning area. In accordance with the School Admissions Code (2014), the Bradford Diocesan Academies Trust is consulting with key stakeholders, including;  Bradford Forster Academy – Principal/Governing Body/ Staff  Parents/carers of current pupils and prospective parents of pupils  All other Admission Authorities within the District  Neighbouring Local Authorities  Councillors and MPs  Trade Unions  Anyone else who has an interest in the proposed changes.

This consultation will run for six weeks from 23 October 2019 to 11 December 2019, after which time any representations received will be considered and a report taken to the Council’s Executive Committee for a decision to be made on the PAN for Bradford Forster Academy. Specific Proposal The Bradford Diocesan Academies Trust proposes to reduce the PAN at Bradford Forster Academy from 210 to 180 with effect from September 2021. This means that the maximum number of pupils intended to be admitted in Year 7 in 2021, and all subsequent cohorts, will be 180.

For children who already have a place at the academy in other year groups there will be no change but the admission number for all other year groups will reduce to 180 from 2021 onwards. The Bradford Diocesan Academies Trust believes that reducing the PAN will assist the academy to provide stability in their long-term planning and allow them to deliver high quality educational outcomes for the pupils currently on roll. The reduction in PAN will ensure that an appropriate number of places are provided for future pupils, in line with forecasts.

Any representations should be made on the attached form and forwarded by email to


Published: 05/12/2019
Audience: Headteachers of Bradford District Secondary Schools
Contact: Rachel Mayhew

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