Secondary 2019 IDSRs are now live

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Ofsted is pleased to inform you that the new 2019 inspection data summary report (IDSR) for secondary data, is now available through the new Ofsted IDSR service linked to in DfE’s Analyse School Performance (ASP).

When logged into ASP, click on ‘All reports’ and then ‘Ofsted inspection data summary reports’: 

The secondary IDSRs hold provisional data for key stage 4, two term absence, and where applicable, key stage 2, key stage 1 and phonics, and context data. (Primary IDSRs will be updated soon to include two term absence. Another communication will announce this.)

If you have access rights to more than one school, you may wish to go direct to our Ofsted IDSR service:

Please note: The ability to view an IDSR for a given school is controlled based upon your DfE Sign-in Account.?If your DfE Sign-in account is associated with a MAT, local authority or diocese, you will be able to view the IDSRs for all schools governed by that organisation.?The relationship between schools and these governing organisations is taken from GIAS. The data on these relationships are refreshed overnight. Each organisation has one or more approvers, who can check your DfE Sign-in account and grant you appropriate access.

This year, the children looked after collection closure date, was delayed. Therefore, the children looked after data and data for disadvantaged pupils will not be included until the revised data releases. These will be in early 2020. 

We have published a new guidance document for the IDSR. This includes example reports and supporting data tables used for the 2019 IDSR which show national figures and quintile boundaries used to determine whether areas of interest sentences are triggered. Newly added links are now located throughout the IDSR, which take you directly to the relevant section of the full guidance which is located here:  

Should you have any IDSR or Ofsted IDSR service queries, please contact the Schools Pre-Inspection Data & Insight team at: 


Published: 22/11/2019
Audience: Secondary Headteachers, Senior Managers and Data Managers
Contact: Jonny Trayer

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