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Volunteers are being sought to join Bradford Council's Independent School Admissions Appeals Panel.

Volunteers are being sought to join Bradford Council's Independent School Admissions Appeals Panel.

Each year a number of pupils are unsuccessful in securing a place at a school of their preference. When that happens, parents have the right to appeal the decision. Those appeals are heard by School Admission Appeals Panels, which are independent of the council and school governing bodies and are made up of volunteers. Bradford Council is seeking more people to volunteer to sit on the Independent Appeals Panel.

The work is voluntary but travelling expenses are paid and comprehensive training is provided.

The appeals are heard at City Hall and each hearing normally lasts a full day, but can last for several days at peak times. The Panel listens to information from the Admission Authority and then from parents or their representatives about each appeal before making a decision.

It does not matter if volunteers have any education experience or not, they just need to be able to listen to all sides of a case and consider evidence impartially and objectively and act within the Code of Practice, on which training will be given.

Panel members must not have any connection with Bradford Council that would affect their ability to be impartial. School governors can apply but they would not be able to be involved in any appeals concerning the school where they are a governor.

A council spokesperson said: “This is an opportunity for people to provide a vital service for schools and children in the District. School Appeals are an important part of Bradford Council’s commitment to providing quality service and we want people to come forward.”

Anyone interested in learning more or applying to receive an application form should contact Tracey Sugden (01274) 434287, or email at tracey.sugden@bradford.gov.uk



Published: 22/11/2019
Audience: governors, parents
Contact: Rebecca Smith

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