Attachment Lead in Schools Trainiing

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This 7-day modular training course has been developed to enable school staff themselves to become Attachment Leads in their schools and local authorities.


 Understanding how to support adopted, fostered and troubled pupils to settle and learn


The course is for those determined to provide alternative practices to enable all pupils to be fully included in school making the most of all the educative opportunities on offer. The course is rooted in attachment awareness and trauma informed practices.  By attending to the attachment systems of individual pupils, these pupils can settle to learn.  This course will be based on the latest findings around interventions to support those affected by developmental trauma, loss and insecurity of attachment. The course will complement the book ‘Settling troubled pupils to learn: Why relationships matter in school’ co-authored by Louise Michelle Bomber and Dan Hughes.  The course will enable staff to identify and assess the need for alternative, additional support in school and to set up integrative support plans for individual pupils over 2-3 years.

For further information including course content, entry requirements and how to book please see the attachment.

Attachment Lead in Schools Training


Published: 14/11/2019
Audience: School Staff who work with Children Looked After or Previously Looked After
Contact: Joanne Henry

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