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Bradford Council are working in partnership with H M Treasury to provide a unique opportunity for post 16 students across the Bradford District.

Bradford Council are working in partnership with H M Treasury to provide a unique opportunity for post 16 students across the Bradford District to gain an insight into this  department at the heart of government where they can learn about the exciting work staff are involved in and get a rare insight into what working as a civil servant is all about. 

What does HM Treasury do?

At H M Treasury our work touches life in more ways than you probably ever imagined.  Our graduates develop policies that drive government decisions and make a real difference to millions of people every day: empowering local councils, making sure international corporations pay their fair share of tax, helping keep our families fit and healthy and building the UK’s infrastructure.

Generally, we are responsible for maintaining control over public spending, deciding how money is raised from taxpayers, setting the direction of the UK’s economic policy and working to achieve strong and sustainable economic growth.  Our policy teams advise ministers and ensure they have the information they need when making decisions.

Our specific priorities are:

  • reducing the deficit and rebalancing the economy
  • spending taxpayers’ money responsibly
  • creating a simpler, fairer tax system
  • creating stronger and safer banks
  • making corporate taxes more competitive
  • making it easier for people to access and use Financial services
  • improving regulation of the Financial sector to protect customers and the economy

Students will travel to London and visit HM Treasury office in Westminster. The plan will be for an initial one day visit on Thursday 5th December 2019.

The day will include:

  • Introduction to HM Treasury and Treasury Careers; apprenticeships, internships & graduate placements (groups)
  • Meeting senior HM Treasury leaders
  • Shadowing members of Treasury teams (groups)

We hope that this one day visit will provide connections and opportunities for other work experience later in the academic year - and it is also planned that some mentoring support will be provided in Bradford by an ex-Treasury employee.

Who can apply:

  • Post 16 students (16-19) studying politics and/or economics in school or college
  • Students must be available to travel to London on Thursday 5th December.
  • Students must attend a preparation session in Bradford on 25th November 2019 at 4pm (details to be provided).
  • Students must have permission from parents/carers to attend H M Treasury, London.
  • All students are welcome to apply if they meet the above critical, however we particularly welcome applications from students in areas of depravation.

How to apply:

  • Students to submit 1 side of A4 along with a letter of recommendation from their teacher/form tutor of why they are interested in this Programme and what their own personal objectives for participating are.  Please include full name, form group and school name.
  • Students must forward their application to xperience@bradford.gov.uk by 18th November
  • Applications received after the closing date may not be considered.
  • Successful applicants will be informed by email (cc to school) on or before 20th November.
  • Successful applicants/parents/carers will be required to complete additional paperwork in respect of the preparation session and London visit.

Cost:  Free of charge (includes travel from/to Bradford city centre organised by Bradford Council and lunch)


Published: 13/11/2019
Audience: Careers Leads, Work Experience and Post 16
Contact: Catherine Halliwell

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