SENCO Qualification (response please)

To be completed by: Fri 20 Dec 2019

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SEND Transformation & Compliance TeamThis is hopefully a helpful reminder to schools of the need for their SEND Co-ordinator to have, or be working towards, the National SENCO Qualification.

The SEND Code of Practice states (section 6.85): The SENCO must be a qualified teacher working at the school. A newly appointed SENCO must be a qualified teacher and, where they have not previously been the SENCO at that or any other relevant school for a total period of more than twelve months, they must achieve a National Award in Special Educational Needs Coordination within three years of appointment.


As part of the SEND Strategy we are reviewing the training and support for schools. It will therefore be helpful if schools could respond via the email below to say one of the following:


  • Our SENCO has the national qualification;
  • Our SENCO does not have the qualification but is working towards it; or
  • Our SENCO does not have the qualification but will be starting the course (insert date).


Thanks in advance for responding to SENDT&



Published: 12/11/2019
Audience: SENDCO, Headteachers
Contact: SEND Transformation & Compliance Team

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