Bradford district’s strategy for Children and Young People with SEND

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Bradford district’s strategy for Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) 2018-2022: Revision for consultation Autumn 2019

Our SEND Strategy has been revised. This has been in response to prior consultations (in October 2018) that highlighted:

•             The strategy was overly-focused on education and school places; and

•             Whilst the overall vision for SEND provision in the district is sound there was not enough on the specific actions that will enable the vision to be realised.


We thank the following who have helped to shape our revised strategy so far:

•             25 families who shared their hopes for SEND provision across the District at two summer activities events;

•             40 students from 3 secondary schools (Oasis Lister Park Academy; Hanson Academy and Co-op Academy Grange) who have helped to shape the ‘I’ Statements in the Strategy;

•             16 pupils at Carrwood and Lilycroft Primary Schools who participated in an activity on inclusive schools;

•             One of our SEND Ambassadors who helped us with the ‘I’ Statements; and

•             Parents and carers from AWARE who gave their views on what we want SEND provision across the District to ‘look like’.


We now want to gather more comments on the revised strategy!


Please see our revised Strategy and a form to gather feedback. Please encourage your colleagues to respond and help us. Thanks in advance!

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The closing date for consultation responses is Wednesday 11th December 2019. Responses to be emailed please to SENDT&




Published: 06/11/2019
Audience: All
Contact: Rebecca Smith

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