Taiko Drumming Club

To be completed by: Mon 11 Nov 2019

Time: -Mon 11 Nov 2019 | Venue:

This club is for pupils from yr.3 to yr.6 and is held at Wycliffe School starting Tuesday 12 November from 3.30pm - 4.40pm

What are taiko drums?

Taiko drumming has spread around the world as drummers are drawn to the power and excitement (not to mention the aerobic workout) of Taiko drumming. "Taiko" literally means fat drum however there are many shapes and sizes of Taiko drums. Once you've experienced a session playing on these powerful Japanese drums you'll be hooked

For more information and to register a child please follow this link HERE



Published: 06/11/2019
Audience: Headteachers & Primary Music Coordinators
Contact: Sara Brent

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