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NSPCC are offering a FREE 8 week group work programme around online safety in Bradford schools.

In 2016/7 ChildLine delivered 9,452 counselling sessions to children whose main concern was sexual abuse/online sexual abuse. 


221,840 page views on Child Line website related to sexting – this is a 20% increase and most viewed topic for 4th year, (Bentley et al, 2017, p37)

Online safety continues to bw a growing concern for many children, parent/ carers and schools.

The NSPCC have developed a programme to prevent abuse online. This group work intervention (8 weekly 1.5 hour sessions) is designed to offer a safe space to promote learning, build understanding of risk and increase resilience, both online and off.

The sessions cover:

•Enjoying life •Friendships and relationships •Building resilience •Social media, online spaces, pressure and expectations •Self-esteem and wellbeing •Online life and life at home  •Risks from adult behaviour •Conversations that make you feel uncomfortable •Safety planning

In Ctrl will primarily offer a group work intervention for children and aims to work with them to raise awareness of potential risks in their on and offline world and build resilience. The children who will be eligible for this service will be

  • Children who have had adverse childhood experiences.
  • Aged between 9-13 years old (there can be some flexibility according to need).
  • Engaged in online experiences that are concerning but not considered as sexual abuse.
  • Have some positive or protective factors to support their engagement in the group

If you would be interested in having a group run in your area please email or call and ask to speak to a duty worker on 01274 381440. We would love to arrange a visit to come out and talk to you more about the programme


Published: 06/11/2019
Audience: Pastoral Lead, School social worker, Learning mentor, Safeguarding leads, CPLO's, heads of year
Contact: NSPCC

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