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Facilities Management (FM), Bradford Council’s school catering provider, would like to update schools that use FM for their catering services, on the contingency arrangements that are in place should there be a no-deal Brexit.

In the event of a no-deal Brexit, FM have been working with its major supply chain partners to mitigate any potential impacts.  (Any schools not utilising FM will have to make enquiries with their contracted catering provider).

  • FM’s UK suppliers of dry goods, canned goods, frozen food etc. have put additional capacity in place which has enabled them to increase their stock holding by up to 4 months.
  • FM’s traditional meat and poultry, and halal meat and poultry are UK sourced. The suppliers of these have increased their own stock-holdings of, for example animal feed, so there will minimal supply issues caused by a no-deal Brexit.
  • FM’s supply chain of bread and morning goods is UK based and the supplier has built up ingredient stocks within the UK.
  • As fresh fruit and vegetables are perishable and cannot be stockpiled, and there is a reliance in the autumn months on imports from Europe, this represents the part of FM’s supply chain that is most vulnerable to disruption. FM’s mitigation will be to access, if required, frozen vegetables and canned fruit.  FM’s fruit & vegetable supplier will continue to make every effort with their continental growers to maintain supply as far as practicable and circumstances allow.
  • Central government have already indicated that school food standards can be flexible within the period following any no-deal Brexit.

In summary, the potential impact in respect of the FM supply chain will primarily be to fresh salad items, fruit and vegetables. There will also potentially be an inflationary pressure on food commodities linked to transport costs.

FM are confident that with the support and contingency planning from its supply chain partners, and by adapting menus and managing the menu mix, they will be able to provide a healthy, nutritious menu in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

FM will also be able to continue to meet the needs of special diets, religious diets and manage allergens, as any substitute items will be from approved product lists and from approved suppliers.


Published: 27/09/2019
Audience: Head Teachers and School Business Managers
Contact: Paul Charity

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