NQT registrations

To be completed by: Mon 30 Sep 2019

Time: -Mon 30 Sep 2019 | Venue:

Please will all schools which use Bradford as the Appropriate Body for NQT induction check that they have registered their NQTs on NQT Manager as a matter of urgency.

We are aware, following the very successful NQT Welcome Event, that there are still a large number of NQTs who have not yet been registered on NQT Manager, or whose registrations are held up due to a need for signatures or details being incorrectly entered.

Could Heads/Principals and coordinators please check NQT Manager and ensure that all NQTs are now authorised as having begun induction.

If there are any problems please contact nqtinduction@bradford.gov.uk in order for the issues to be addressed.

If your school no longer wishes to use Bradford as the Appropriate Body please contact nqtinduction@bradford.gov.uk so that your details can be removed from the system.


Published: 19/09/2019
Audience: Headteachers, NQT induction coordinators, NQT mentors
Contact: Michael Garside

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