Courses - P&M - 4.10.19 - Understanding Handwriting / 8.10.19 Clicker 7

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Courses delivered by the Physical and Medical Team (P&M) - 0-25 inclusive Education Service.

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The following courses are also available as whole school training, please see website for details and how to book.

Physical and Medical Team (P&M)


P&M - Developing your understanding of handwriting- a practical guide

Description of training


Handwriting is a complex process. Learn more about the physical requirements and elements that need to be developed for children to write proficiently.  This course will cover:

  • Handwriting development
  • Fine motor skills for handwriting
  • Gross motor skills for handwriting
  • How to administer and interpret handwriting assessment
  • Recognising, identifying and addressing potential  handwriting difficulties in the classroom
  • Putting together an  intervention programme

Refreshments: Lunch is provided with drinks plus drinks on arrival and mid-morning.

Tutor: Ann Gabriel

Suitable for


Sencos, class teachers and support assistants

Date/s, times & venue

04.10.19– 9.30am – 3.30pm Margaret McMillan Tower



£140 per person




P&M - Clicker 7

Description of training


Many children benefit from using Clicker 7 software on the computer as an alternative to handwriting. This practical course will give an overview of the popular assistive technology software Clicker 7 and demonstrate how it can be incorporated into lessons. Although this course is based on Clicker 7, please contact us if you would like support with earlier versions of Clicker or Clicker iPad apps.

This course will cover:

  • An introduction to Clicker 7 and the functions available
  • Making word banks and grids from scratch to support learners
  • Editing and downloading existing grids
  • The full range of Clicker activities including mind mapping and voice recording.


On the day please bring:

You will need a laptop with Clicker 7 installed on it.  If you don’t have Clicker 7, a free 30 day trial can be obtained from the Crick Software site from the following link:

or by going onto the website: select ‘products’, ‘Clicker’, ‘free trial’.

Refreshments: Drinks on arrival.

Tutor: Julie Vaughan


Suitable for


SENCOs, Class Teachers, Support Assistants

Date/s, times & venue


08.10.2019 - 1.00pm to 4.00pm Margaret McMillan Tower


£65 per person



Published: 13/09/2019
Audience: SENCOs, Class Teachers and Support Assistants
Contact: Heather Varo

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