Free CPD Opportunity - Teaching and leading KS2 Computing

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Please note this course is free to staff at Bradford Schools and the first member of staff attending will be eligible for a £100 bursary.

Teaching and leading key stage 2 computing CB002 / C07

Broaden your understanding of computer systems, networks and the internet to teach key stage 2 computing

Venue:  The Innovation Centre Bradford

Day 1: 25 September 2019 10:30-17:30

Day 2: 09 October 2019 10:30-17:30


This course is delivered as part of the National Centre for Computing Education.

Through key stage 2, the computing curriculum aims to deepen understanding of computer science, information technology and digital literacy. Children become more skilled, and critical, users of technology, choosing tools that helps them achieve their goals while developing safe, and acceptable, online behaviours.

This two-day professional development complements our one-day programming and algorithms event. Over two days you will broaden your understanding across the whole computing curriculum. You will strengthen your knowledge of computer systems and networks, including the internet and technologies such as search engines and email that make use of it. You will demystify computers, developing understanding of data fundamentals such as binary, and learning how the parts of a computer system handle this data to carry out useful tasks.


You will be able to help children:

Understand how computers work including details of their component parts, and the added capabilities achieved when computers are connected through a network

Understand the nature of binary data as used by computers to represent data in many forms

Learn about tools and applications that utilise the internet, including email and the World-Wide Web, and use them safely and effectively

Create and manage projects where they collect, analyse and share data

Create and modify digital content such as images, video and sound in multimedia projects

Consider their own use of technology, the benefits and risks that it brings, and know its importance in the world and their learning by developing your own subject knowledge, pedagogy and practice

Skilfully combining a wide range of software applications and multimedia such as video, images and sound, you will be better able to support children in creative and engaging project work across the whole primary curriculum. They will develop their ability to select the right tool for the job, then use them in a considered, effective way.

The first teacher to participate in this CPD, from each priority primary or priority all-through school, will attend for free and will be eligible for a bursary. Priority schools are those located in Local Authority Districts 5 and 6.

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Published: 11/09/2019
Audience: Primary School Computing Subject Leaders
Contact: Sarah Hawkins

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