School Apprenticeship Update – September 2019

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Procurement Process and Training Providers The Council has undertaken a procurement process for training providers and only those on the framework can be used for apprenticeship training.

When arranging apprenticeship training please contact the Learning and Development Academy Team to check what levy is available to spend and the preferred training provider for that apprenticeship qualification.  PLEASE DO NOT ARRANGE APPRENTICESHIP TRAINING DIRECTLY WITH A TRAINING PROVIDER before contacting the L&D Team as the apprenticeship training will not be approved.


Apprenticeship Levy and Academy Transfer

  1. If school does not use its Apprenticeship Levy for apprenticeship training the levy is time-limited (2 years) and school will lose this money.  Please note once the levy goes into the digital account the money belongs to HMRC and any unspent levy goes back to Central Government.


If your school converts to an Academy, the Levy will then transfer over to the Trust and all arranged training will be stopped from the Councils Levy and reinstated from the Trusts levy account.  All future levy will be paid into the Trusts account on a monthly basis and money not spent in the Councils levy will be lost from the date of transfer.


  1. Payroll – If your school changes to another payroll provider instead of Bradford Council, school must arrange to get a Gateway ID Number and Password from HMRC.  This then needs to be passed onto the L&D Academy Team for school to be set up on the Councils Digital Apprenticeship Service Account.  Apprenticeship training funding cannot be accessed until this has been set up.  


Apprenticeship Programme Data

Bradford Council has set on 449 from the start of the Apprenticeship levy in May 2017. 134 of these based in schools.   35 schools out of 73 are currently spending their levy.  (A further 11 schools accessed the levy but have now converted to an Academy).  


Apprenticeship Qualifications being undertaken in Schools:-

  • Supporting Teaching and Learning (Level 2 and 3)
  • Children and Young People Workforce (Level 2 and 3)
  • Business Admin (Level 2 and 3)
  • Infrastructure Technician – (Level 3 & 4)
  • HR Consultant/Partner (Level 5)
  • Cleaning and Environment (Level 2)
  • Hospitality (Level 2)
  • Play Worker (Level 3)


Apprenticeship Target to include:

  • 30% Black and Minority Ethnic (BME)
  • 10% People with special educational needs or disabilities
  • We aim to offer a traineeship or apprenticeship to every young person leaving Authority care


Bradford Council will be working with organisations that have specialist knowledge of supporting people with learning disabilities and autism into work.


Apprenticeship Qualification Training for Existing Staff

Apprenticeship qualification training is also available to existing staff.    There are over a hundred different apprenticeship qualification training on our framework, with approved training providers in place and apprenticeship training available nationally across more than seventy different industries. 


There are various levels of apprenticeship qualifications:

  • Intermediate apprenticeship (level 2)
  • Advanced apprenticeship (level 3)
  • Higher apprenticeship (levels 4 to 5)
  • Degree apprenticeship (levels 6 and 7)


Apprenticeship frameworks will be switched off from August 2020 and all will be moved onto an apprenticeship standard.  Please see link below to find apprenticeship standards that can be funded from the levy:-


  • Qualification’s must be relevant to the role, or enough duties need to be undertaken at the higher-level role to satisfy the requirements of the qualification


  • 20% of an employees contracted working hours needs to be undertaken for off-the-job training, which can include day-release with a training provider, online learning and shadowing others members of staff


  • Prior to starting any apprenticeship qualification, each individual will be required to take an assessment with the training provider in Maths and English (and ICT depending on the qualification). Dependant on the out come of this assessment the apprenticeship may include functional skills training (Maths & English).


  • Prior Learning - Please note:- All apprentices now have to undertake a ‘Skills Scan’ this is conducted to assess the experience and skills of the person requiring the qualification.  Depending on the outcome if the person already has enough experience in the job role or prior learning, regardless of them not having the qualification, they will not be eligible for the apprenticeship qualification and we will not be able to fund via the levy due to the funding rules.  (This is in the main for existing staff who wish to up-skill).

Further Information

For further information about apprenticeships please contact a member of the Learning and Development Academy Team:


Learning and Development Academy Officers:-

Sadaf Iqbal                   - 01274 43 1479

Meena Mistry               - 01274 43 4451


Senior Learning and Development Academy Officer

Elaine Mallinson           - 01274 43 4450


Or email the team


Published: 04/09/2019
Audience: Local Authority Schools
Contact: Sadaf Iqbal

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