COURSE-EDPHY-Developing a Relational Based Approach for children - 20.11.19

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Educational Psychology -Developing a Relational Based Approach for children with Attachment difficulties. Course delivered by the Educational Psychology Team.

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Educational Psychology


Developing a Relational Based Approach for children with Attachment difficulties

Description of Training

The relational approach is a unique way to look at behaviour and understand what promotes satisfying and sustainable relationships even under adverse conditions. Whilst behaviour management  seeks to change the behaviour of another, the relational approach seeks to enable others to change their own behaviour.

Through learning how to use the relational approach, the practitioner can identify ways to create a context within which the other person without coercion, and of their own free will, decides willingly to do the very thing that the practitioner wishes them to do, whilst also building stronger relationships through trust and understanding. This course will focus on four key aspects to this way of working: using non-coercive techniques, applying restorative approaches, building relationships of change, and enabling personal empowerment.


Refreshments provided mid-morning

Suitable For

SENCO / Inclusion Manager

Dates, Times and Venue

20.11.19 - 09.00am-12.00pm -Margaret McMillan Tower





Published: 28/08/2019
Audience: SENCO / Inclusion Manager
Contact: Heather Varo

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