COURSE-EP-Developing High Quality Unit Based Provision-4 part course

To be completed by: Thu 29 Aug 2019

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Educational Psychology-Developing High Quality Unit Based Provision - Evidence and Practice Part 1 – 4-23.09.19,16.10.19, 14.11.19 & 18.12.19. Course delivered by EP Team - 0-25 Inclusive Education Service.


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Developing High Quality Unit Based Provision - Evidence and Practice

 Part 1 – 4

Quality Provision

Description of Training

 This is a practical course aimed at settings who are in the process of setting up a Teacher led small group provision in their setting. The 4 part course will sequentially address a number of key areas, drawing on research and evidence of best practice.


Between sessions, participants will be expected to go away and progress each of the areas in their own setting, leading to the development of a high quality provision.

Refreshments provided mid-morning

Suitable For

SENCO / Inclusion Manager

Dates, Times and Venue

23.09.19 - 9.00am-12.00pm -  Margaret McMillan Tower

16.10.19 - 9.00am-12.00pm -  Margaret McMillan Tower

14.11.19 –9.00am-12.00pm -  Margaret McMillan Tower

18.12.19 –9.00am-12.00pm -  Margaret McMillan Tower




Published: 28/08/2019
Audience: SENCO / Inclusion Manager
Contact: Heather Varo

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