COURSE - SEMH - 20:20 Reading Intervention - 08.11.19 & 29.11.19

To be completed by: Wed 28 Aug 2019

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SEMH - 20:20 Reading Intervention - 2 x 1/2 day sessions - Course delivered by the SEMH Team 0-25 inclusive Education Service.

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Description of training


20 – 20 reading is evidence based, practical, holistic and successful

intervention, which draws on Catch Up Literacy, Wave 3 Literacy and Reading

Recovery principles. 


This is a practical course which includes demonstrations and hands-on activities. TAs and SENDCOs will develop the skills to assess children’s reading skills and then plan and deliver, 1:1 sessions for struggling readers.  It is suitable for children in the primary phase, who are reading at least 6 months below their chronological age, or students with SEND in the secondary phase


Tutor: Julie Wilson


Refreshments: Drinks on arrival

Suitable for



Date/s, times & venue


 08.11.19 -  09.00am to 11.30pm Margaret McMillan Tower

 29.11.19 -  09.00am to 11.30pm Margaret McMillan Tower


£140 per person.


Published: 27/08/2019
Audience: TAs and SENDCOs
Contact: Heather Varo

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