Parental engagement: Opportunity Area support and investment (Updated)

To be completed by: Mon 08 Jul 2019

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To inform future OA investment in parental engagement, a self-evaluation survey taking 20 minutes to complete has been developed for all primary and nursery schools to undertake to inform how support is best provided in 2019-20 and to capture current provision, including hot-spots of good practice

We hope the survey is useful to both your school and the community of Bradford schools as a whole in reflecting on current parental engagement practice and potential ways this can be enhanced further. Ultimately, we'd like to identify where the very best parental engagement practice is in Bradford and how we together can learn from this. In addition, Bradford Opportunity Area will seek to invest additional resource to help schools to develop their provision in 2019-20. During this phase, local headteachers have been commissioned to support other headteachers to complete the survey. Schools are welcome to utilise this support and/or complete it indepedently.

The survey and supporting resources are available here.

In preparing this survey, we've considered the EEF's 'Working with parents to support children's learning' 2019 guidance report. The report summarises research and evidence-based practice. You can download a copy of the report here. Bradford Research school will be hosting an event about this guidance on 17th June 2019, 16:30-18:00 at Westminster CoE Primary Academy.

Please be aware that the EEF acknowledge that there is not enough good evidence about what practice best improves parental engagement. The content of this survey is not intended to highlight what schools should be doing, rather helping them to self-evaluate and consider if there are ways to enhance what schools are currently doing. Each school has a unique context and needs.

This survey consists of 7 administrative questions (e.g. your name) and 17 main questions, most of which are multiple choice, spread over 6 sections. There is also an opportunity to elaborate on your answers at the end of the first four sections IF you wish to do so. We envisage this survey will take 15-20 minutes to complete through discussions between the Headteacher a relevant staff. To ensure you have a copy of the responses you submit, we encourage you to complete an offline version of the form first then transfer your answers to this online form. An offline version (Microsoft Word) of this survey and introductory PowerPoint are available. An administrator could then transfer your responses to the online version of the form for you in just a few minutes. By September, we'll email you a copy of your response.

When the survey refers to parental engagement, this is in relation to their engagement in children's learning and the wider life of school.

In completing this survey, we ask that you consider and apply a 'best-fit' approach to the questions.

The majority of the questions are based on the following five-point scale:

  • Not yet undertaken:My school has not yet developed this aspect of our provision.
  • Beginning: My school has taken its first steps in developing this aspect of our first provision.
  • Developing:My school has invested time and/or resources to this aspect of our provision, but we've not yet seen the full impact this.
  • Embedded:My school has invested time and/or resources to this aspect of our provision we've seen a positive impact on levels of parental engagement.
  • Exemplary:My school has had significant impact in engaging parents through this aspect of our provision and we could/do share our practice with other schools

The deadline for the submission of the online survey is 17:00 on Monday 8th July 2019. Support is available from a local headteacher  commissioned to help schools to undertake this survey (follow the link below to view the allocation). A report will be prepared late in the summer term to summarise the findings. This report will be used by the Opportunity Area to determine how resource should be invested in Bradford during 2019-20. Every school’s contribution is important. Thank you in advance.

The survey and supporting resources are available here.


Published: 01/07/2019
Audience: Headteachers (Primary and nursery)
Contact: Paul Butler

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