Key Stage 2 Teacher Assessments Submission *Reminder*

To be completed by: Wed 26 Jun 2019

Time: -Wed 26 Jun 2019 | Venue:

The statutory deadline for your school to submit its Key Stage 2 Teacher Assessments to the NCA Tools website is THURSDAY 27th JUNE 2019.

You have just under two weeks to make your submission (reminders to act will be sent at the end of next week and then daily in the submission week). 

If you miss the deadline there will be an impact on your school.  For example:

  • it will not be possible for Bradford Council, the Department for Education or Ofsted to analyse your Key Stage 2 results;
  • This, in turn, could have an impact on your school’s data in the published DfE Performance Tables and Analyse School Performance.

When you make your Key Stage 2 Teacher Assessments submission, please remember that it is your school’s responsibility to ensure that the results are submitted without any errors and have been recorded on the NCA Tools website.   We have found that in previous years a small number of schools have believed that they have submitted results when they hadn’t been successfully recorded.  Please ensure that you check your submission.

In order to safeguard against the risks of late submission (staff absence, IT or system issues), it is recommended that you make your submission as early as possible before the deadline.

DfE guidance on how to submit the 2019 Teacher Assessments can be found here (last updated 21/05/19).


Published: 14/06/2019
Audience: All Primary Headteachers, KS2 Teaching Staff and Administrators
Contact: Pam Cresswell

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