Inside Out - Science, Technology and Outdoor Learning CPD Nell Bank 18 June

This hands on science course is being delivered at Nell Bank Ilkley by the Curriculum Innovation Service.

The full day CPD will include:-

• Understanding the most effective ways to capture and quickly edit digital still and video images using an iPad.
• Using an iPad and a small selection of key apps to collect, sort and present data from a pond dipping activity.
• Creating a multimedia learning journey to document a scientific investigation and share with others.
• Capturing, interpreting and presenting real life data using data loggers.
• Classifying a selection of collected flora and fauna using a branching database.
• Creating an annotated digital media story of a scientific process and sharing this with others using a QR code

Lunch and refreshments are included.  The cost of the course is £150 per delegate (£125 for Curriculum Innovation subscribers).

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Published: 02/05/2019
Audience: Primary Computing subject leaders, Science subject leaders and teachers who want to make more use of
Contact: Sarah Hawkins

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