Classroom strategies for provision at Range 3 & 4 - Teachers & Sencos

To be completed by: Fri 12 Apr 2019

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Comprehensive autism training and insight for school staff who already have a basic knowledge and experience of autism.

Staff will develop their existing knowledge of autism and gain an understanding how to meet the needs of a range of children with a diagnosis of autism in a mainstream setting at KS1-4.

The course will include the 4 areas of difference, offer strategies and approaches and opportunities to plan the implementation of these strategies.

Workshop Choices

Throughout the day we will be delivering a variety of workshops linked to the key areas of focus. Please ensure workshops are chosen on the course application form.

Refreshments: Lunch is provided plus drinks on arrival, mid-morning and with lunch.

The course will be delivered by a specialist teacher.

  Workshop 1


Overview  - Communication and Interaction

A - Blank Language Levels,  the Test of Abstract Language


An Elklan tool to gain a clear picture of a child’s level of understanding abstract language.

B - Lego Therapy for Expressive and Receptive Language


Social interaction in a play based group.

C - Poric


Elklan published resource that is full of ideas to develop understanding and use of linguistic concepts.


Workshop 2


Overview - Cognition and Learning

A – Timetables, Task lists, schedules and reward systems


A range of visual supports, structure and motivating systems.

B - Colourful Semantics


A Speech and Language resource that provides visual support to structure and form sentences.

C - Mind maps and flow charts


Linking concepts and support to structure outcomes and choices.


Workshop 3 


Overview - Social Emotional Mental Health

A – Social stories and comic strip


A reflective approach to understanding behaviour and social situations in a variety of contexts. 

B – De-escalation strategies, relaxation and mindfulness


Practical strategies to aid de-escalation and promote relaxation.

C – Unstructured times


Ideas to put into place to support Autistic students during these times.


Price £140 per delegate

Bookings via the website

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Published: 10/04/2019
Audience: School based staff in direct contact with CYP with a diagnosis of autism to include SENCo’s, teacher
Contact: Barbara Bartle

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