SHINE Trust grants to improve children's education in schools

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Deadlines for applications are usually around the end of January, the end of April and the end of October each year.

The SHINE Trust's mission is to raise the educational attainment of children from low income homes across the Northern Powerhouse. Proposals must be a sustained intervention (i.e. not short-term), demonstrate some innovation over what is currently practiced and be scalable to other environments if successful.

The trust offers funding opportunities across the North East, North West and Yorkshire and Humber regions:

  • "Ready for School": Improving the school readiness of children during the reception year, with a particular focus on language and communication skills (aged 4 to 5).
  • "Bridging the Gap": Supporting vulnerable children who may not meet age related expectations at primary school to make better academic progress during Key Stage 3 (aged 9 to 14).
  • "Flying High": Supporting high attaining students to build on their achievements at primary school and stay on a high attaining trajectory during the first few years at secondary school (aged 9 to 14).

Advice for charity applicants

This fund is aimed at schools but charities can apply directly. The funder advises:

"Where the proposal is led by an organisation that is not a school, we have a preference for organisations that have developed strong partnerships with schools, and can demonstrate local capacity and a track record of working in the North of England."

Application process

"SHINE is a ‘hands on’ funder and we are happy to advise and support grantees as they develop their proposals. Our deadlines for applications are usually around the end of January, the end of April and the end of October each year; successful applicants have generally been in contact with SHINE for at least 1 to 2 months prior to these deadlines."


Please read the guidance notes before submitting an enquiry form (available at the end of each grants programme page).


Answers to frequently asked questions are available or email or telephone 0113 280 5872.


Published: 26/03/2019
Audience: Governors, Head teachers, Business Managers, Fund Raisers
Contact: Lee AnneSagar

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