Weaving in the Mill : A Material Journey

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A hands-on workshop introducing the processes used in wool production in Bradford's mills

Weaving in the Mill : A Material Journey

Follow the material journey from sheep to suit!

In this hands-on workshop pupils are introduced to the different processes used in wool production in Bradford mills.

By having a go at sorting, carding, spinning and weaving pupils explore the roles of machines in the mill before experiencing the noises, smells and pace of life in an original Victorian mill environment

1.5 hour workshop @ £96.00 per class (KS1 - KS2)


To book or for more details please email learning@bradford.gov.uk


Comments from class teachers on the Weaving in the Mill workshop

The pupils enjoyed being able to use the equipment to experience it fully”

“Brought the topic to life to help children understand size, noise and reality of Industrial Revolution”

“Very organised, the workshop leader was enthusiastic and in character which the children liked – a fantastic day”


Published: 07/03/2019
Audience: Headteachers, Teachers & SLT's
Contact: Dawn McIntosh

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