EYPP Eligibility lists for Spring 2018 are in your dropbox now!

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EYPP Eligibility lists for Spring 2018 are in your dropbox now!

Early Years Pupil Premium eligibility lists for Spring 2018 are in your dropboxes now!

We now access the list of families eligible for the Early Years Pupil Premium via up-to-date information from our colleagues in the Revenues and Benefits Team.

As a result, we no longer require you to send us eligibility checking details from the parents.

Each term we will check the list of eligible families with 3 and 4 year olds we have been provided with, against the list of children accessing an early education place in that term. A list of eligible EYPP children will then be sent to each school / childcare provider via the Bradford Schools Online dropbox. You will automatically receive an email to alert you that the file is there for you to download.

Once you receive your list, please follow the steps below:

  • Save a copy of the file to your own system as it will automatically delete after 5 days once it has been opened.
  • Check that all the children on the file still attend your school / setting.
  • Check that all the children eligible for EYPP last term and still at your school / setting are still on the list.
  • If any children have left or there are any children missing who you think should be eligible this term, please amend the list (giving children’s names and dates of birth and information as to why you think eligible) and return to us using the EYPP Folder in the BSO Postbox (as this is a secure way of exchanging personal data).  We will check your returns and request the Schools Funding Team to make payments accordingly.

If you need to check the eligibility of any children yourself, you can use the on-line individual checker:


Please note - If you do not receive a file this means we have not identified any children eligible in your school / setting this term.  If you think this is wrong, please send a list of children you think are eligible via EYPP Folder in the BSO Postbox, with brief reason why you think eligible.

You can check your EYPP payments in due course by looking at your payments schedule on BSO.

Please send your returns to us or get in touch with queries before 4th March at the latest, and that will enable us to organise payment via the Schools Funding Team.  Please note though, that the EYPP payments for the summer term are made in the September advance from the Schools Funding Team.

If you have any questions / require any further information regarding EYPP payments, please contact the Early Education Fund team: earlyeducationfund@bradford.gov.uk


Published: 27/02/2019
Audience: School Business Managers of Nursery Schools and Primary Schools with Nursery Classes; Owners / Manag
Contact: Carrie Simpson

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