Update on Family Hubs, our model for delivering prevention and early Help

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Many of you will be aware the Council has made changes to the way we provide key services. We wrote to schools on the 10 July and would like to provide a further update alongside the updates previously provided on BSO.


The letter on the 10 July also outlined changes which affected education safeguarding and this letter is available at: https://bso.bradford.gov.uk/Schools/News_View.aspx?Id=16383

Education Safeguarding Service within Education and Learning leads on intervention reviews, advice on allegations management, safeguarding curriculum support, support for new communities inclusive of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities as well as Asylum Seekers and Refugees and oversight of education, including children missing from education.

From October 2018, the Family Hubs Prevention and Early Help Service went live. Under this new model we continue to deliver the following centrally:

  • Specialist behaviour support and inclusion for children and young people with additional needs.
  • Short breaks for disabled children.
  • Intensive family support to prevent children coming into care.
  • Youth Offending Services.

Whilst some services continue to be provided centrally, most are now delivered by new family hubs in four areas. These cover the following areas:

  • Keighley and Shipley.
  • Bradford East.
  • Bradford West.
  • Bradford South.

These four family hub teams are responsible for:

  • Early childhood development and school readiness.
  • Children’s Centres activities for children under five and their families.
  • Targeted work with individual children and families (Families First and Stronger Families).
  • Parenting support through all age ranges (children aged from birth to 19 or 25 with a disability).
  • Family and maternal health and mental health.
  • Early education and free childcare.

Each of the four family hub teams will work closely with local schools and voluntary and community groups to support families and improve the lives of everyone in their area.

We are developing a new district-wide Family Hubs partnership group to oversee the family Hubs offer and four Family Hub area partnership groups.

If you would like to discuss involvement in any of these groups or to discuss general developments your Family Hub managers are:

  • Keighley and Shipley – Elke Crunden - 01535 618005
  • Bradford East – Neil Christie/Julie Greene - 01274 662763
  • Bradford West – Tahmima Tahir/Derek Lawrence - 01274 436700
  • Bradford South – Manjit Cheema - 01274 436503

If you are not sure of your Family Hub offer please enter your school or a family’s postcode in our postcode checker:


In the early part of 2019, we will implement plans for health visitors and school nurses to co-locate with the four Family Hub teams.

Accessing Family Hubs prevention and early help services

Our family Hubs offer is online and available for you and your families to check what is happening throughout each week at:


Phone lines for our ‘front door’ service (01274 43 7500) are handled by the Council’s Corporate Contact Centre and then put through to either existing social worker or team, MASH for new cases or Early Help Gateway.

Our Early Help Gateway (including SEND Local Offer and Families Information Service) will continue as a single point of contact for advice on Prevention and Early Help but will become fully integrated with the MASH/front door for social work services.

Many schools are now contacting Early Help Gateway (01274 432121) direct or sending the completed referral through the Post Box facility on Bradford Schools Online. 3

I wrote out to all key partners, including schools on 30 November 2018 setting out some immediate changes we have made following our Ofsted inspections and findings. This information has now been published on BSO

Our out of hours service through the Emergency Duty Team (01274 431010) is now co-located with the Health First Response Team at Lynfield Mount – supporting closer working with Health colleagues. This is backed up by an on call Service Manager and Head of Service at all times.

Developing a shared ‘think family’ approach

We have also now launched our 0-19 workforce passport portfolio. This is a tool you can use with your key school to support key colleagues. This includes eight domains that we agreed with partners form part of a shared ‘think family’ skills and mind-set. We will be providing further events to promote this, probably through your BACs and Local Achievement Partnerships. In the meantime, please see attached guidance.

If you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact me or Mark Anslow (Interim Head of Service) (mark.anslow@bradford.gov.uk).

Yours sincerely

Jim Hopkinson

Deputy Director

(Children’s Social Care)


Published: 11/12/2018
Audience: Headteachers and Safeguarding Leads
Contact: Jim Hopkinson

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