Improving literacy attainment in primary schools

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Schools needed to sign up to “Glasses in Classes” Born in Bradford Research Study 2019-2020

There are 2,500 children in Bradford who need glasses but either haven’t got any or aren’t wearing them in school. This is affecting literacy attainment.


30% of children identified as needing glasses through in-school vision screening tests do not attend a further detailed eye examination, whilst 50% of those who do fail to wear their corrective glasses.


For every line on the vision chart a child’s vision is reduced by their literacy score drops by 1.5%.

Bradford Opportunity Area is supporting a Born in Bradford study to get free glasses for children that need them to improve literacy attainment.


If your school wants to be a part of this study to improve literacy attainment please contact:


Dr. Alison Bruce,


 Key information:

  • The study will be aimed at 4-5 year old children.
  • Vision screening assessments in reception will be conducted in all participating schools.
  • 50% of participating schools; 2 pairs of corrective glasses will be issued to children who need them (one pair to be kept in school).
  • 50% of schools to act as a comparator.
  • At the end of the study Born in Bradford aim to provide a pair of school glasses for children in all participating schools.



Published: 30/11/2018
Audience: schools, head teachers, Teachers,
Contact: Lee Turner

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