Free Twilight: Improving Mathematics in Key Stages 2 and 3

To be completed by: Wed 31 Oct 2018

Time: -Wed 31 Oct 2018 | Venue:

This professional development opportunity takes a more detailed look at the EEF Guidance report “Improving Mathematics in Key Stages 2 and 3”. You will receive an overview of the 8 key recommendations that come through the report and what this could mean practically in Primary and Secondary school

Great maths teaching requires good content knowledge, but this is not sufficient. Great teachers also know the ways in which pupils learn mathematics and the difficulties they are likely to encounter, and how mathematics can be most effectively taught.  This event will aim to start to answer some of those questions. 

 We will explore

  • What the evidence says about the use of manipulatives?Strategies to help children more effectively problem solve

  • The importance of mathematical understanding

  • What effective interventions inside a classroom might look like

  • And a whole lot more

This event is been delivered in partnership with West Yorkshire Maths Hub, who partner closely with Bradford Research School.

Dixons City Academy

Tuesday 27th November





Published: 31/10/2018
Audience: Teachers of Mathematics; School Leaders
Contact: Mark Miller

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