Alphabet Arc – A multi-sensory programme (Half day training)

To be completed by: Fri 26 Oct 2018

Time: -Fri 26 Oct 2018 | Venue:

Alphabet Arc is a multi-sensory intervention which helps develop pupil’s fluency with letter sounds and names and alphabetical order. It also develops segmentation, blending and syllabification skills. It can be used with pupils of all ages.

. Alphabet Arc activities can be used as a one to one intervention, pairs, group intervention/ activity, or can be used as an activity for the whole class.

Outcomes of the training:

  • To look at different learning styles and how this impacts on the way we teach children
  • To understand the value of a multi-sensory approach
  • To understand the variety of practical learning opportunities associated with the Alphabet Arc

Refreshments are included. Drinks on arrival and mid-morning.

Date/Time: 27.11.18 - 09.15am to 12.15pm  Margaret McMillan Tower

Cost: £65.00 pp

Booking is via the website:

Click on Central training tab

Click on the “Events section here”

This will take you to the list of courses where you can “join” after selecting the course.





Published: 19/10/2018
Audience: Teaching Assistants, SENDCOs and Class Teachers.
Contact: Barbara Bartle

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